J.Hopenstand collection offers you a high range of leather colours, threads, edges, linings and buckles. As many details that will allow you to customise your leather goods, and make them even more unique.


As long as it was created, the firm focused on perfect cutting and sewing together. This is the result of a 50-year-old savoir-faire, with an omnipresent care for details and elegance.


Thanks to the care and attention of our French and Swiss craftsmen, our leather goods are of superior quality, made for duration.

Noble materials

Our items are made of bull-calf or calf leathers. But we also use exotic skins, such as alligator or karung, all reared under controlled conditions.

Exceptional craftsmen

They all belong to the Compagnons du devoir (a French organisation of artisans and craftsmen), Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (a French competition for the best craftsmen), Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant Français (a prestigious French label). Our tanners, leather workers, jewellers and designers have been rewarded for their unique savoir-faire and for respecting the past traditions.



Jacques Hopenstand is born in Warsaw, Poland.
He creates in Paris the luxury leather goods company J.HOPENSTAND.
Jacques marries Francine Gauthey, former first-hand at Poiret, Paris and at Vionnet, New-York. She helps Jacques selling his creations.
After they spent three years on the Australian coast in Melbourne, J.HOPENSTAND workshops settle in rue de l'échiquier number 34, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.
Nearly 50 years after the luxury firm closed its doors, Jacques Hopenstand's grandsons reopen the workshops.
  1. The "couture" way

    J.Hopenstand never made drawings. He rather liked to create templates, using thin materials, the ones usually used by fashion designers to make their collections and unique pieces. He needed no less than a four week work, and a singular savoir-faire to realise one of his bags, made in the “couture” way, that is to say with no top-stitched seams.

  2. The Jeweller

    J.Hopenstand used to have some appointments with jewellers, including Boglino, to choose the fasteners, clasps, and decorations for his bags.

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  3. The Schiaparelli Clutch Bag

    In the 50s, Jacques Hopenstand creates with exclusive rights, a clutch bag for Schiaparelli in Paris. The design is so successful that it is copied many times, and finally removed from Schiaparelli stores.

  4. J.Hopenstand and Morabito

    J.Hopenstand collaborated with several prestigious fashion design industries, such as Nina Ricci, Bally Luxe, Marcel Rochas, Worth, Piguet, Sacks Fifth Avenue. But his success is due to his work with Morabito.

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  5. Parisian Palaces

    Jacques Hopenstand had the great opportunity to work in direct with private individuals, such as Madame de Toscanini, the Baronne Von Seidlitz, and the very special guests from the Ritz or Georges V hotels in Paris.

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